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Our Work

Situation & Opportunity

For residents of the Bay Area / Silicon Valley, healthcare is not only a national agenda item, but also a local priority. Serving Bay Area residents and the world, Stanford Medicine has been home to some of the most important milestones in health history. Its Hospital, however, was constructed in 1959, and has been increasingly challenged to keep pace with the accelerated progress in medicine as well as the area’s dramatic population increase.

With plans approved to construct a new $2B hospital, the opportunity was ripe to once again create a public / private collaboration to address both funding for the New Hospital and the advancement of healthcare for the benefit of humanity. “The Campaign for Stanford Medicine” was thus conceived to support the new Hospital and also underwrite research, academic development, and other initiatives at the School of Medicine.

Stanford thus needed a compelling communications platform and program to inspire donors, partners, and the community to come together and get involved in the critically important healthcare initiative. Stanford leadership sought a partner to help capture and communicate the “The Campaign’s” compelling value and convey why providing support, particularly philanthropic, was a worthy and smart decision.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind our partnership with Stanford Medicine to inspire community and drive a $1 billion philanthropy campaign.

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