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Situation & Challenge

Established in 1917, Dolan Bullock has been a purveyor of fine men’s accessories for nearly a century. Offering cufflinks, bracelets, pendants, and money clips using unique combinations of precious metals, stainless steel, diamonds, and other gemstones, Dolan Bullock has catered to men who embrace classic style with distinction. The Colibri Group, a men’s accessory holding company of venerable brands, acquired Dolan Bullock as The Colibri Group diversified its product line beyond its heritage focus on lighters and select jewelry items. As the Dolan Bullock and Colibri brands grew, each with independent marketing and product strategies, the brands extended their products to appeal to each other’s customers. As a result, the number of SKUs across both brands exploded and, over time, it became harder and harder to distinguish between the products from each of the two brands.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind our partnership with Dolan Bullock to develop a product portfolio strategy to drive growth and minimize cannibalization.

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