Re-launching & creating one of the world’s most iconic brands

  • Brand Positioning Theme & Tagline

  • Brand, Positioning & Identity Strategy

  • Facility Signing System Design, Standards & Guidelines

  • Airbill & Forms System

  • Company, Product & Service Naming System

  • Dropbox & Remote Pickup Identity System

  • Name, Logo & Graphic Identity System

  • Vehicle Logo & Identity System

  • Retail Environment & Brand Tagline

  • Logo & Graphic Identity Standards / Guidelines

  • Packaging as Product

    Packaging as Product

Our Work

Situation & Challenge

Federal Express created the express shipment category in 1973, yet decades later it faced intense competition that threatened to commoditize the business and erode its profitability. True to its innovative heritage, the company responded by evolving its initial offering—the “overnight letter” shipped within the U.S. market—to a much broader portfolio of time-sensitive delivery options and package sizes, serving 180 countries worldwide. However, consumers lacked awareness of the brand’s global reach and breadth of service options, in part due to its cumbersome and fragmented identity, communications and service naming practices. This cost Federal Express business growth, and also threatened profitability through price competition as some customers failed to perceive true differentiation across “express” shippers.

Analysis, Solution, & Results

Get the full story behind the work with FedEx to reclaim its leadership position as one of the world’s most iconic brands.

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