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Situation & Challenge

When J.P. Morgan sought growth opportunities abroad, financial assets owned by individuals in Japan totaled more than $US 10 trillion, though only about 2% of all assets were in “investment trusts,” better known as mutual funds in the U.S. market.

When Japanese commercial banks gained regulatory approval to offer investment trusts to the general public, J.P. Morgan and Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB), one of Japan’s largest retail banks, saw a big opportunity. In 1998, the two agreed to form a new company, through a joint venture, that would provide an attractive new financial product to consumers.

While investors had traditionally locked up money in savings accounts with very low returns, there was high interest in new instruments that provided diversification and better returns. The typical consumer, however, had very limited or no investment experience. There was also some skepticism of new products, given questionable practices by other financial services firms that had been exposed.

Analysis, Solution & Results

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