Looney Tunes

Capturing & leveraging brand heritage

  • Brand, Positioning & Identity Strategy

  • Worldwide Packaging System

  • Logo, Graphic Identity System & Parent Co-Branding

Our Work

Situation & Challenge

Looney Tunes is one of Warner Brothers’ most historic and valuable brands. Its appeal attracts hundreds of companies who license the use of the Looney Tunes brand on thousands of products around the world.

Yet with independent licensees offering a tremendous range of products, it became increasingly challenging to maintain brand consistency across products. What’s more, a new multi-character logo had been developed, yet some of the characters within it had negative cultural significance.

Finally, while the $2 billion brand had immense equity, there was no linkage of the parent Warner Brothers brand to the Looney Tunes logo, missing an opportunity for dual brand leverage. Warner Brothers recognized the need to refocus the positioning and identity of its iconic brand.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind the work with Looney Tunes to recapture and leverage its brand heritage.

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