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Our Work

Situation & Opportunity

While consumers typically think about medical treatment and procedures by physicians when considering healthcare, evidence-based studies have proven that complementary non-medical services play a significant role in enhancing the overall healthcare experience for patients as well as their families, friends, and loved ones who support them.

Under the leadership of one of Stanford Hospital’s senior executives, the Hospital’s Guest Services offering has grown to encompass a broad range of offerings that span aging adult care, cancer support services, health library services, art, music and pet therapy, spiritual services, and language translation services, to name a few.

Established from the top, the group’s culture has always been highly focused on the individual needs of patients, families, and guests. No matter what, where, when, or why, the Guest Services team is always there to help. However, much of the communications coming from the distinct groups across Guest Services were developed independently and without consideration to the value of communicating their benefits as part of an integrated suite of services.

As a result, not only patients, but also Hospital staffers weren’t fully aware of the immense assets they had to draw upon from the Guest Services team. By addressing this gap, Stanford leadership, working with brandadvisors, identified a significant opportunity to greatly enhance the guest experience.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind our partnership with Stanford Medicine to enhance guest satisfaction through a better experience.

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