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Our Work

Situation & Challenge

Cisco’s solution-based offerings rely on matching up the right hardware and software technologies with business needs, discerned and enabled through a collaboration of professional services delivered from Cisco, its client’s team, and its client’s value added partner(s).

Yet the bulk of Cisco’s marketing and sales have traditionally focused on selling “products” in lieu of promoting the value of their services. Within Cisco, the “services offering” has generally been associated with “break-fix” maintenance vs. higher value-added professional services.

While Cisco has continually strived to gain credit and recognition as a C-suite business confidante, its heritage reputation as a provider of “plumbing infrastructure” for the Internet has created challenges.

As business focused professional services have driven significant revenue and profit growth for companies whose bulk of sales have come from selling products, Cisco Services recognized the need to capitalize on its immensely successful and robust services asset.

Analysis, Solution & Results

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