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Situation & Challenge

Founded in London by Julius Lowenthal in 1928, Colibri was established as an innovative brand with its introduction of the first semi-automatic cigarette lighter. The name “Colibri” translates to “hummingbird” in Spanish and ancient folklore ties the hummingbird to fire. Colibri’s innovations continued over the years, producing a string of firsts in lighter technologies and designs. By the 1970s, Colibri products were one of the most gifted products in the world, and in 1974, Colibri was commissioned to design the golden gun for the James Bond film bearing that name.

As cigarette smoking slowly began to decline in the United States, Colibri diversified its line of products to include Swiss watches, pens, cufflinks, and select leather goods. The Colibri Group was thus formed through the acquisition of brands including Movado Watch, Seth Thomas Clock Company, Daring Diamonds, and Dolan Bullock Jewelry. As the portfolio grew, the company sought greater focus to optimize the value of its portfolio.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind our partnership with Colibri to develop a product portfolio strategy to drive growth and minimalize cannibalization.

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