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  • Product Innovation: Category Extension / Activewear

  • Brand, Positioning, Identity, Product, Retail & Marketing Strategy

  • Testimonial: Annie Appleby, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, YogaForce

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  • Product Innovation: Category Extension / Jewelry

  • Line Extension: Product Name, Graphic Identity & Tagline Development

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Our Work

Situation & Opportunity

While yoga has been practiced for millennia in select regions of the world, it did not gain mainstream adoption in the West until the early 21st century. Total worldwide sales of yoga classes, mats, clothing, and accessories reached $5.7 billion per year by 2008, and today has exponentially accelerated to become a $27 billion market, practiced by over 15 million people in the U.S. alone. As an active visionary, Annie Appleby discovered yoga in the late 1980s, well before its widespread explosion in the United States. By 1994, Appleby had mastered the art and become a sought-after yoga instructor.

With her creative entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Appleby founded YogaForce in 1994. Her brand started with an inspired concept and product, a patented yoga mat with alignment stripes applied to the surface to guide body placement when practicing yoga. The mat was also one of the first, if not the first, to feature a built-on carrying strap to make transport simple and eliminate the need for a separate carrying bag or strap. A small removable pouch also keeps keys, wallet, and other small items secure and safe, since many yoga studios don’t have formal locker rooms.

While Appleby was years ahead of the yoga industry revolution, the innovative design and utility of her product quickly attracted the attention of The Sharper Image and Macy’s, who were among the first retailers to carry her products. Yet without a rigorous business foundation and with the industry still in its relative infancy, YogaForce needed help. With a desire to scale and grow her brand, YogaForce partnered with brandadvisors to establish her business, marketing, and positioning strategic foundation, distill her unique brand value proposition, and then help bring her brand to life to achieve its full potential.

Analysis, Solution & Results

Get the full story behind our partnership with YogaForce to crystallize its brand and extend its product line.

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