“Carcrafters”…your custom car in (45) hours

ba_Blog_Strati_Launch_2014_09_16 The phenomenon of 3-D printing has just reached another milestone as the technology makes its way into yet another industry. If it wasn’t enough for the technology to extend from hand-bags to human hands, the folks at Local Motors have just launched the first 3-D printed car. While the first car is designed for short local trips, with speeds up to around 40 mph, the company will eventually develop models that will be highway bound. Ultimately, we’ll be able to walk into a showroom, select the style and features desired, and by the end of the day, drive off in a new car, totally personalized to our taste, style, and performance. Today, the process takes roughly 45 hours. According to the company CEO, the Strati is “IKEA meets Build a Bear meets Formula One.”