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A little science about artists

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No secret that there’s something different about creative people. But science has found that the brains of artists are markedly different than those of non-artists. In fact, scientists suggest that much of an artist’s talent may be innate, according to a report by Charles Osgood of the CBS radio program that bears his name. Click below to hear the full story on… Continue reading A little science about artists

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CVS: “Care” No More

By Charles Rashall

  Today, the nation’s second largest drugstore chain changed its name from “CVS Caremark” to “CVS Health.” Who cares? We do.

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Introducing “What’s the Difference!?” A Dialogue for Innovation While innovation is bringing more and more new products and services to market at an accelerated pace, it’s ironic that differentiating  products (or services) in a meaningful way––and in turn driving distinction for the associated brands––has become increasingly challenging.  As “offerings” become harder to differentiate, brands must… Continue reading What’s the Difference!?
Why Your Brand Must > Your Product

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